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AI That is Built on Solid Ground

To develop our AI platform, we leveraged everything we learned from our 17 years of experience delivering cyber defense to 700+ clients, and from our 1,000+ cybersecurity specialists monitoring billions of events. Our AI platform applies techniques including Supervised, Unsupervised, and Deep Learning, as well as NLP, to deliver high speed cybersecurity services across every stage of a threat's lifecycle:

Threat Anticipation

Threat Anticipation

Our patent-pending platform mines over 100 TB of global threat data every day to detect new threats, correlate their impact (in seconds) on millions of your assets within your critical infrastructure and networks, and to proactively raise your defenses against the emerging threats most likely coming your way.

Threat Anticipation

Threat Hunting

We deploy 25+ AI models, and 450+ use case scenarios, to proactively search for, and uncover, threats within your endpoint, user, network, and application data. Our AI platform can analyze 100 TB of data in seconds to detect any threat hiding in your network.

Threat Anticipation

Incident Response

When we detect a threat, our AI platform performs automated containment measures—such as deploying 50+ playbook—to quickly remediate your threats. By leveraging our AI-Driven MDR service, you can reduce attacker dwell time—from malware to ransomware—from a months to under 3 days.

About Us

Over a Decade of Experience in Cyber Security

“ Paladion is a robust managed security service provider, with over a decade of experience, trusted by organizations from around the globe from Asia to the US to EMEA. Currently, we are actively servicing more than 700 satisfied clients while continuing to truly transform customer experience, with IT security as our top priority.

Paladion assists its Partners to improve their business operations by leveraging its industry-wide experience, expertise in cutting-edge technology and an extensive portfolio of services.”

Our Services

Faster detection and faster response to protect against cyber threats and suspicious activities. Without investing in expensive technologies or add security resources.


  • ISO 27001
  • NESA / ISR


  • IS Audit (Internal, Process, Application Process, RA)
  • Vendor Risk Management

Data Security

  • GDPR

MDR Consulting

  • Maturity Improvement Pack
  • Advanced SOC Transformation / MDR Maturity Assessment

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • CSA Star Compliance
  • ISO 27017 / ISO 27018


  • Year long program, remote driven CISO function covering risk & compliance.

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Paladion is a global leader in cybersecurity and managed detection and response services. Protect yourself from cyber threats and attacks by utilizing our wide range of cybersecurity consulting services.

Cyber security company with

18 Years of Experience

A team of over

1000 cyber warriors

Served over

700 Clients

Recognized by Gartner

For MDR services

Responding to over

100 incidents daily


25 billion security event

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